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Re: Online Logbook 2012
« Reply #25 on: October 22, 2012, 12:05:57 am »
Saturday 20th Oct Burrington Coombe

Well we might not all have been on the same trip but I think the club was well represented in Goatchurch on Saturday.

I was with a group reminding ourselves of all the tight awkward bits we could or couldn't get down (is Bloody Tight A above or below Bloody Tight B?  :-\ ) Only to bump,  :bounce:, into Burt several times. I embarrassingly saw Brendan and called him Gordon  :-[ as he looked like a colleague from work (I am sure they are dead ringers for each other) it is such a long time since we have caved together (That's my excuse any way  ;) very big sorry Brenden). At least I proved I could still get in a dinky hole in Boulder Chamber even if I did need to be 'helped' out of the lobster Pot in Sidcot later  :-[

Having lunch outside the Tradesmans and Zoe Hebdon turns up with a big gaggle of little boys  ;D all with Mr Sparrow suits on.  They looked great. Andy H was off doing the Morris but Andy S I understand was also in the bowls of Goatchurch doing an assessment.

Burt got both his groups in and out, including one well built tearfull lady who was all smiles with a dirty bum when she got out and I heard Zoe's birthday party excitedly exit too. A fun day was had by all  :clap2:
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Re: Online Logbook 2012
« Reply #26 on: December 06, 2012, 06:59:12 pm »
Nicky and I have done little caving for several months and needed a few get-caving-fit trips. They weren't particularly interesting, but here they are anyway so that members know that some caving is getting done.

Sat 17th Nov. Rod's Pot

Chris C and Nicky Dennis.
Down to the Main Chamber and the Bear Pit. Nicky had a job climbing out, har har. Back in the Main Chamber we met and nattered to the Bard of Bracknell, that great exponent of blank verse, Whitelackington.
Down Purple Passage to the handline, did not descend and on the way back up I took a wrong turning over a boulder and had a struggle getting back, which pleased Nicky.
Well, that's about it for that trip.

Tue 4th December. Hillier's Cave

Chris C, Nicky, Trish D-K.
A wander along the passage meeting another another group near the connection with Fairy, not really expected here on a Tuesday night.
Near the end it gets small and my recent problem of uselessness in tight bits kicked in and I turned back. This really annoys me. The others carried on for a while and I got myself wedged in a rift and had to wait for Nicky to provide something to push against. For goodness sake, I'm regressing to a bloody weegee.
We were soon out with nothing else worth reporting.
There seems to be a recent rockfall near the entrance, none of us remebered seeing it before.

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Re: Online Logbook 2012
« Reply #27 on: December 18, 2012, 01:45:44 pm »
Monday 17th December 2012 Reservoir Hole

Chris Castle, Nicky Dennis, Phil Hendy (WCC), Martin Grass (Leader)

Martin very kindly agreed to give us a tourist trip to the Frozen Deep as we are representatives of the landowners (well, that was my argument).
I do not intend to give a full description of the trip and what we saw as there are currently 20 pages of description and photographs on this forum.

We were in the cave by 6pm and made our way through the old part of the cave down the deep boulder climb to the Grand Gallery. At the end of this is the climb up to Topless Aven and Golgotha rift, but the dig is to the right. Initially easy crawling, it got a bit twiddlely at the bit called Hard Times, which I'd been concerned about as Ali Moody said it was a bit tight, and if she said it was tight.... But it wasn't and we arrived in the big stuff, a high rift chamber called Resurrection and the ladder down into the Frozen Deep. Suffice to say it is even more awesome than we expected. The now-famous group of a column and stalactites was seen immediately, but there was a lot more. We made a careful traverse of the chamber, as the floor is of slippery boulders. One of the more spectacular sights is the huge wall, absolutely vertical, like a Mendip El Capitan, looking around 40 metres high. A look at the way down to the sump and we were back at the ladder and on our way out. Martin heroically brought out two air bottles with only minimal help from me.
A brief visit was made to the start of Potters Heaven for Martin to do something which will doubtless appear on this site soon.

It was a great privilege to visit this magnificent cave and the three of us are extremely grateful to Martin for the trip. If you haven't done so already look at the pictures on the Mendip forum.

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