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Prof. Warthog:
During the pandemic we have been trying to collate records of all the dye traces undertaken in the Yorkshire Dales karst. Our intention is to make this resource available to all. Having made a start on the project we are now seeking input from the caving community. The information we are looking for is:

Area (from the Northern Caves guide book)

Injection point name and NGR

Detection point name and NGR

Tracer details (what and how much)

Detection method (visual, cotton wool etc.)

Date of the test

Who undertook the trace, the

Details of where it is recorded and any notes you feel relevant (e.g.
water levels)

We appreciate not all details will be available for every test and we are happy to accept test which have not been recorded in the literature so please get searching through your libraries and notes. This should hopefully provide a great resource to aid our hydrological understanding and caving exploration potential.

We have already covered the classic YGPS studies of Ingleborough and Malham

Please send your entries to g.proudlove[at]manchester.ac.uk  (remembering to replace [at] with @)

The master database is not globally accessible but a copy of it will be available to all on Google Sheets. This is currently being developed.

Phil Murphy and Graham Proudlove


I can't help you with any data.  I only can give you the following link


This application shows a lot of information about dye tracing in France . I might help / give you ideas of how to develop an application for showing your data.


Graham Proudlove:
I am building the dye tracing database as an Excel Table which is a good way of handling quadrangular data sets. It is also very searchable and sortable. Currently it is on Onedrive. I am still thinking about the best way to share the Table and make it read-only. I will communicate this once I have sorted it out. We have one new result already submitted.

Graham Proudlove

Prof. Warthog:
A quick reminder to keep searching out those dye trace records - Thanks

Andy Farrant:
It would also be worth recording where tracer was monitored for, but not detected. Whilst a negative result is not proof that the water does not flow to that point, it is still useful information.


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