Double ended trigger clip - what for?

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Whilst exploring a mine today I found a double ended trigger clip lying in the mud (photo of what I'm talking about attached). Can anyone tell me why a mine explorer might be carrying one? The entrance is a shaft, if that helps, so SRT these days but probably laddered by explorers not so long ago.

Don't they use these for diving?


--- Quote from: Keris82 on September 05, 2021, 05:47:32 pm ---Don't they use these for diving?

--- End quote ---

Yes, it's referred to by some divers as a "bolt snap".

What do divers use them for? In this particular location there's no diving but it could always have come out of a divers pocket on a non-diving trip I suppose...

They use bolt snaps for the extra entertainment of struggling to operate them with cold, sausage fingered, neoprene clad hands.   ;)

My own preference is for proper krabs, which have far better feel. (At least in British sumps.)


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