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Even weasels can get stuck.....

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--- Quote from: Ian Ball on July 23, 2019, 06:44:55 pm ---Weaseling??

--- End quote ---

Explanation please :shrug:

It's pretty much above ground caving using boulders I think - squiggling under and around them like an obstacle course!

Weaselling is a term used to describe crawling, climbing and generally moving through gaps in rocks and boulders. There are other easy ways round but they are less fun and adventurous! There are several Peak district locations where it is popular - both with outdoor pursuits groups and adventurous walkers/ families.
A look at google images give you a good general idea of what is involved :-)

Glad that's been clarified.  I'd just assumed it was done with dog/nets, sort of like rabbiting.

What a fantastic idea, using dogs and nets to hunt human weaselers.

This would make an excellent inter-club competition event at Hidden Earth.......


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