Source of cave surveying notebooks

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Does anybody know where you can obtain these in the UK?I bought one many years ago but it was on it's last legs when I last saw it and currently locate it.

Doesn't Phil Brown sell them at Caving Supplies in Buxton?
Might be worth a glance at the website.

I thought of starting at shops but then wondered if people had stopped using them. Thanks John, I will take a look.

I get waterproof notesbook and regpaper books Surveying companies. I use York Survey Supply:
And there are also the Weatherwriter books which you can buy direct;

They all work - it depends how big a book you like, whether you like to take the same notes underground again, and how important a hardback surface is.
For expedition use I like the paper in the waterproof books, but mounted in an aluminium clipboard.
For personal use a ragpaper field book can work well so long as the cave is not absolutely soaking.

Ian Ball:
What do you write with? I was out using the chart well  waterproof red book with a biro recently and struggled once wet. Pencil HB was not much better.


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