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That's definitely not normal.

That be 'cause its "international talk like a pirate day"

Q : Why are pirates called pirates?
A : they just ARRRRR




--- Quote from: footleg on September 18, 2007, 10:23:19 am ---There are some excellent pictures in there now! Great stuff.

I manage the cave photography webring which aims to provide links between cave (and any other underground) photography websites. I've already had a request from another flickr group to add the group page to the webring, but there does not appear to be any way to add the webring navigator code into a flickr page. I could maybe do something with frames, to place the navigator in a footer with the flickr page above, but I would have to host that frame based page somewhere. Let me know if you are interested in having the flickr group page added to the webring and we can look into sorting something if there is interest.

--- End quote ---

Fine to add it by me - i don't think you'll ever be able to add custom code to Flickr itself, but you can probably drag in Flickr groups in an iframe or by using the Flickr api. Not looked at it any further though, i'm pretty new to Flickr altogether. I wasn't taken by Flickr for a while until I realise what a bargain their paid service is. I now have all my digital photos backed up online for £12 p year which seems very reasonable indeed.


The front page now displays a slideshow of images from the Flickr group, rather than my rather crap images from Bagshawe Cavern.


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