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Rescued a couple of sash weights from the side of the pavement .. anyone want them for silty sump tie offs?

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Yeah, I'll take them!

Where you based? Sheff? Could I either get somebody to come grab them for me, or could you leave at the TSG if you're passing?




I've yet to actually collect them.. (hid them behind a wheelie bin as I was walking into work. should have carried them for some training!!).  Will get them on my way home later.

Benfool - I dropped off about 4 sash weights in the N S compressor building a while ago. They were left in the right had corner as you go in the outer door (i.e. in the corner betwen the R H door and the right wall). Help yourself if they're still there.

Thank Sam, I'll arrange how to get them to me once you've got them.

Thanks for the heads up pitlamp, I'll have a use for those too. The line at the top of the shaft in Keld are a complete mess and could do with some weights to pull it out of a horrid line trap. Just gotta get some vis to get there and sort it!


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