Landjoff PVC oversuit


I'm officially too fat to fit into my much loved Meander and AV suits and came across these on t'interweb. They seem to do custom sizes which is what I need at the moment.

Does anyone have experience with these? Does the from fastening have a zip or is it velcro? How tough are they compared to a meander? How stiff/flexible are they?


Ian Ball:
The landjoff brand is dependable and solid but the p&p is restrictive. For a Custom sized pvc suit the delivery charge is £47.62.

Front closure is a 50mm wide velcro strip. They are decently stiff, I've used their repair patches to fix my PVC warmbac suit.

I have a Meander XL suit for sale which is too big for me, a size 3B, hoping for £50.

Thanks Ian. That's really helpful.


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