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Creosor 21/11/16



Team Arturs Abols and Roman Mihalovic
 Dive time: 65 Mins
 Water temp: 6(very cold)
Whether  -1 very strong wind,with snow
The road leading up to mine,first part was slippery ,and second part snowy ,we drive up with  all 4x4 locked wheels and car still was wobbly
Vis: very good on the way in!
Replaced old line 110m (line is noted every 5m) and laid another 30m line laid

   Roman and I entered the water at the main dive base
   we followed the line wich lead to 15m bridge that was put in some time a go this line goes east but is very loss and thin   or mission was to replace this line and connect with or line from last visit and connect shallow 14m level with deep 27m level.

  Heading east we went over the few bridge with collapsed chambers and again a tunnel went to the east
  The bed started to change to a more Stoney a lot less silt ,I conect  line to our line from or  last visit
  On the return the Vis in the smaller tunnels was bad!
  Coming back to the first 15m bridge we laid line by cliff wall to 6m around 2m from main shot line(blue line)
  I tied the line of about 2m of the main line (shot line)  by steel ring in the cliff wall .

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