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As always with the better conditions in the U.K. UKMC members have be getting back to the watery deep

Loads going on over last weekend and lots of trip reports to follow

Just a quick rundown of what has been happening over the weekend

Ewan & Christen - Have been helping diggers in Nidderdale (Yorkshire) diving to Sump 5/6 in Goydens for dye testing

Rupert & Andy - Have been back to Roscobie updating mapping and laying new line

Tomasz & John - Hurtle Pot
Hindenburg Wall - Jingle Jn - Frog Hall - Eastwall Outlet Series.

Tomy, Jim Suddaby, George 'Deficit' Linnane, Roberto Wotton - Aberlas mine orientation dives

Ian, Zoltan & Kuba - France sunning it up and enjoying clear water diving

Will get some reports added ASAP


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