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Hurtle pot -Jingle pot 30th-1 May

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Hurtle pot -Jingle pot 30th-1 May with Tomasz Polakowski and Ela Dacka-Polakowska

No rain all week so we expected good vizz,and it was a great feeling when we looked down from the top of the hill and could almost see the cave entrance under the water.Its all a lot easier now to get the kit down with it being so dry and this helped a lot with the extra gear we took.

We had planned on Sunday to go to jingle air bell and then have a look at continuing to jingle pot which is a cave that's open at the surface but not accessible from it without wire cable ladders or ropes.For the dive we used three cylinders each and also left a fourth stage at the first tee of the main line marked jingle on a blue plastic marker which is about 40mtrs past the Hindenburg wall.we used the scooter to get us to the bottom of the wall,(Lazy) :) then left it with the stage and continued on to jingle air bell.The line on this section is quite ruff jumping from rope to plastic coated cable and back with a lot of extra bits of line on some of the tie offs.we took extra time on the dive looking at the line route and marking accordingly.I think it's like this due to when it floods it all gets washed out and broken and needs constant repair there's even a section down stream with what looks like half inch steel cable.

In jingle air bell we had found the line onwards takes you through a low bedding plane of about a couple of feet which carry on south easterly for about 20 mtrs so we left the 3rd cylinders in jingle air bell and continued with two.The water level had lowered since last time we where there so this made it difficult to get through the low section because there wasn't quite enough depth to get any buoyancy so it was more of a drag through than a swim through.

 We all had a great time,and why crawling along through holes is so much fun I've no idea but it is:) Thanks again to Tomasz and Ela for the best day:)

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Ian Ball:

Scooters and 2 stages each to get to Jingle?

Did it once on a set of 7s...

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