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Daytime caving, Friday 18/5/18, Yorkshire

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I'm finding myself in the Dales on Friday with nothing to do.

Anyone free and want to go caving? Up for anything really, I've just got to be out by about 5/6 ish.

Can look after myself on the flat and on rope, I've got my SRT kit, but no rope.



Can't do this week, but I'm often in the Dales on a Friday caving solo.  Is it a regular thing with you too, or just this week?


Thanks for the offer, but it's just this week.

Ian Ball:
If you're on your own have a look at th Dismal Hill to Old Ing through trip in the Birkwith area? No ropework and a very varied trip in short distance.

Some of the entrances for GG will be rigged (I know Stream Passage  is) ready for the upcoming winch meet.


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