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I'm pretty sure that when we did it many years ago,
We rigged of good naturals well back from the edge, and used ladders and line
With the lifelining party lying in the bedding above the pitch,
I remember that the rock out over the pitch looked "interesting"
but it sounds like Pyschocrawler managed to fettle something else to rig string off.



--- Quote from: Speleodroid on July 13, 2018, 09:36:13 am ---Hi Alex.

How was the rigging on the big pitch in Hull Pot?

Think i saw your group yesterday. Was out for a run, and just saw a head disappearing into High Hull Cave and a rope on High Hull Pot. Have done the Pot a couple of times. Nice little trip, and very seldom visited i suspect.

--- End quote ---
We didn't get to the big pitch in Hull. There was quite a bit of water and our dam building efforts made little difference, so abandoned the idea and headed off to the High Hull area.
Alex was rigging the pot whilst me and Rob went for a grovel in the cave - after we'd removed some grass and soil hiding the entrance!

Trip report, with some rigging info.



--- Quote from: Alex on July 13, 2018, 01:06:37 pm ---Trip report, with some rigging info.


--- End quote ---

Thanks for flagging that up Alex; I read it with interest. You mentioned the possibility that water levels were up slightly but I bumped into someone today who had camped at Horton yesterday and they confirmed there had been no rain. (Ingleton got clobbered with half an inch but not Ribblesdale - the rainfall amounts are on the CDG website - VisBot page).

I think it's always like that - an exceptionally wet trip, even in drought. (Remember, it's a Leakey discovery!) In "normal" to moderately wet weather I suspect it's a non starter. Descriptions of the place, together with details of the brief window of opportunity when the sump became unroofed, form the basis of Chapter 2 in the Adventures Underground book, published in 2017. There is a very useful drawing of the extension (made when the sump receded right at the end of the 1976 drought) in a detailed article in BCRA Bulletin 15, February 1977, pages 7-8. Those involved were Dick The Potter, Johnny Wilkinson and Phil Papard - so there are people you could ask directly about it, if you want it from the horse's mouth.

I think you were right to be wary of going in there at all, if there was any chance whatsoever of rain.

Simon Beck:

--- Quote from: Simon Beck on July 13, 2018, 12:37:52 am ---Good effort getting up there and down, esp with the dicey forecast!

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Pitlamp on July 13, 2018, 06:21:15 pm ---I think you were right to be wary of going in there at all, if there was any chance whatsoever of rain.

--- End quote ---

Pitlamp's closing comment has just made me realise how badly interpreted my own comment could be. I wasn't congratulating Alex on visiting a dodgy pothole in dodgy conditions, as it sounds. But more for making the effort to get up there, even though it was looking like a non starter.


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