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Hi All
Hope you are all well.
Slowly returning to caving after nearly 20 years of life, work etc getting in the way!
Moving into the Yorkshire Dales and looking to join a local friendly club.
We have messaged a few but had no reply, just a general enquiry if they are taking new members yet after covid etc?
Some Facebook pages are quiet with no updates since last march.
Can anyone recommend a friendly active club in the Dales area who are seeking new members?
Thanks in advance.
All the best

I think some of the clubs have struggled with activities over covid.  Some are on the decline I guess and don't offer so much.  I'd go with one who replies quite promptly and sounds like they really want you as a member. 

I understand the Craven are quite active and have just run a meet up at GG.  Try them.

Ian Ball:
That seems unusual if I'm honest, perhaps your messages are finding an aggressive spam filter? Are you wanting to join a big club with a hut?

Enjoy your caving days :-)  some decent caves found over the last 20 years.

YSS are a good club! I’ve had a text message exchange with one of their members tonight :) (no bias towards them vs craven, npc, red rose, or BPC. Just most recently contacted.

Thanks for the replies, I enquired through club contact forms on their sites and facebook etc.
I don't know what the caving community is like these days? or how popular it is anymore?
Can`t imagine many youngsters today underground getting dirty? no wifi!
I did nearly all my caving from about 1989 through to 2005 ish, back then it was quite big and remember many great days in Bernies and New Inn at Clapham with many likeminded cavers prior to going out in the hills and afterwards.
Met many greats back then like Dave Elliot.
Most places are tourist cafes now with little sign of caving left.
Would like to get back into SRT, did some courses back in the early 90`s with Pennine`s Kev West and Nigel Atkins, awesome duo underground and above! great fun doing all courses in SRT, Rigging and rescue.
It was a group of us young lads then, these days its the two of us, one experienced but rusty the other a newbie with some previous experience.
Like to get back on a training wall and brush up, plus kit up again with all the gear and revisit all the classics from my youth!
Also enjoy walking, mountain biking and other stuff.
Thanks for your comments.


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