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Article about Three Counties traverse

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David Rose:
My article about last weekend’s epic Three Counties traverse is now online and will be in tomorrow’s Daily Mail. Photos by Mark Burkey and Bartek Biela.


Archive link for posterity: https://archive.is/KvT3S

David thanks for sharing the link. for me was a good report, enough embellishment with fact for the general public.  :clap2: :thumbsup: :beer2:

Somehow, David, your newsworthy article seems to have been replaced already on the mail website with a non-story about a YouTuber going down Daren.  :wall:


Anyone recognise where he's talking about (on the through trip from cnwc):
"...the  first narrow gap known as 'The Armageddon' - which is 16 inches wide.

They continue to delve deeper into the cave system before pushing into a tighter 12-inch tunnel known as 'The Death Squeeze'.

...He eventually manages to free himself before the pair arrive at their next challenge - a nine-inch tunnel nicknamed 'The Narrow Slump'."

Before arriving at " 'one of the most claustrophobic squeezes in the world' - a gap know as 'The Vice' which narrows to just four inches wide." [My highlight]  :shrug:

(His previous experience was in a sensory deprivation box - I feel he should have stayed there)

But then, is the three counties traverse really "the longest journey in underground UK"?


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