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Good Morning guys and gals,

i'll get straight to the point.

I was foolishly having a peek down Eldon Hole with my drone... you can probably guess the rest of the story. Yes, it ended in disaster and the drone is now at the bottom  :'(

I'm sure some of you will possibly be thinking it's the best place for a drone to end up. I appreciate they can be divisive but we all have our own little passions and escapes in life

I don't know what i was thinking and the drone itself is a goner. However, i would really like to be able to recover the memory card if possible. It's very upsetting to potentially have lost some great memories with that card.

I know its a long shot but by any chance is anyone planning a trip to Eldon Hole in the near future? If so, i would love to be present if possible or at the very least whilst you're down there could you please keep an eye out for the drone? I would be so very grateful  :hug:

Please get in touch if you can possibly help

Thank you

Not the first drone to go down Eldon Hole :lol: It must attract them!

Ian Ball:
I'd contact the DCA.


Specifically the Projects Officer Pete Knight

Ian B.

Tbh suss are most likely going to be taking loads of Freshers down in the next few weeks I'm sure they'll pick it out if someone doesn't get to it before then

Perhaps this is a lesson in why you don't fly drones on private land without permission and outside of the line of sight. Your lucky one was down there at the time. Having had to "educate" several drone "pilots" on why not flying out of LOS or near people (in one case was leading a VS with ground fall potential)l is a bad idea, leave the bloody thing down there is my opinion.


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