Author Topic: Caving for mine explorers - 9th October - Leads wanted  (Read 2314 times)

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Caving for mine explorers - 9th October - Leads wanted
« on: September 23, 2017, 10:43:49 pm »

I am BCA insured and have been caving since 2007 (University of Newcastle Caving Club, Durham University Speological Association, Society for Open University Potholers, Durham Cave and Mine Club, Grampian Speleological Association over the years). I am currently a member of a group who predominantly explore abandoned mines, a number of members have shown interest in trying out caving. All are BCA insured.

I have offered to lead a trip on the 9th October to Longchurns and/or Brow Gill - Calf Holes and back (NO SRT) as I know these trips well. However, as these are quick trips, and the guests are experienced underground explorers with full kit (wellies, suits, helmet and light) I was wondering if anyone is available and willing to lead something more appropriate to their experience level? Ease Gill system perhaps?

Assistance is appreciated to allow an enjoyable, safe trip and a good introduction to caving as opposed to mining.

Please PM me if interested, I am happy to give my number to you if you'd like to discuss.
Thanks, Phillippa
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