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Covid rates and air corridors

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I've been trying to keep an eye on a couple of countries which are on the UKGov travel corridor list, ie., those countries which you can visit without self isolating on return.  The key factor which the government seem to use to determine removal from the list is the 7 day infection rate per 100,000 of population or similar.  A few weeks ago I happened across a website page which listed these rates.  Frustratingly I just can't find this info again.  Anyone got a link or other advice?


I put "numbers covid" in to Google search and get all the stats that way to keep track of daily infection rates.

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Here you go Badlad:

Many thanks to you both but neither of these seem to locate the 7 day infections per 100,000 which the government seem to be using as a measure of whether to remove countries from the exemption list.  According to reports the government set the bar at around 20 per 100,000 and when Croatia moved up to the late twenties, for example, it was removed as others have been.

Several newspaper reports use these figures and quote the source as European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control but I can't find these figures on their web site.

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Mark Wright:
I'll be embarking on my second job on the EU mainland to put me into quarantine later this week.

All my work is out of the UK so I do keep a close eye on this and I find the Guardian have their finger on the pulse of which countries are likely to exceed the 20/100,000 threshold in the coming days or weeks. 

The Guardian suggests Switzerland will likely be the next country taken off the safe list and Greece and the Czech Republic will probably follow soon after.

I note that Stoke on Trent currently has a rate of 30.8/100,000!!!



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