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Paul Marvin:

--- Quote from: cooleycr on July 27, 2021, 05:01:22 pm ---
--- Quote from: 2xw on July 24, 2021, 12:58:00 am ---Ah that's me wrong then. Maybe me not going in the week is not having a key holder available

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Nope, you are not wrong, there generally isn't any access during the week unless it is project work, for example I went in today to fit a radon detector, but it does indeed rely on a keyholder being available.

And now some good news: -

I met up with the show cave management this afternoon and can announce that, as of this coming weekend, we have lifted the restriction on numbers within the party.  :beer2:

However -

It is still one party per day, meeting the keyholder at the main gate at 09:45 (with completed indemnity forms and pound coins aplenty!) and be out by 16:30 (16:00 when there is a cinema night or concert).

No through trips from Titan or JH and no late egress UFN (as in until the TSG hut is fully reopen to all once more).

**Face masks/covers MUST be worn whilst traversing the show cave, entry will not be permitted without**

Many thanks,
for and on behalf of the Peak Cavern keyholders,


--- End quote ---

We are booked in on Sunday    :bounce:

Ah, with Daniel, cool...I will see you there, cheers, Charley.

As many of you will now know, the TSG caving hut (AKA the Chapel) is, as of today, open once more to non-members staying over as guests and as day visitors, booking in via the usual channels.

However, this restriction with regards to Peak Cavern will for the time being remain in place - "No through trips from Titan or JH and no late egress."
This will be addressed in due course and I will report back.

Great news everybody - the Covid_19 restrictions on Peak Cavern have now been lifted so everything is as per pre-pandemic times.

The following rules remain in place -

• Entry must be made before 10:00 – meet key holder at allotted time, usually 09:45 ** this is to get larger groups into the main cave before the paying public arrive, smaller groups can request later access **
• Face masks MUST be worn while passing through the show cave
• Social distancing (2m) should be maintained throughout the cave, especially in the show cave.
• Exit at any time, but must be by 4PM if there is an event taking place.

Please note that the keyholder team are all unpaid volunteers (no mileage claims) with families and other commitments so it may not always be possible to issue a permit.

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