Underground moths

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Normally see herald & tissue moths at various sites on Mendip, but none yet this year - has anyone else (or other parts of country)?

Yes, seen tissue moths in the Dales but no heralds yet.

I tend to notice these because for some time I've been reporting them to David Hodgson, who sadly passed away earlier this year. David studied them for over 5 decades and ran a BCRA field meeting at Scoska Cave in recent years which partly focussed on these insects.

David left a valuable archive of data in connection with his studies, which we hope will eventually be made available at some stage.

If you're seriously interested Mike, send me a PM and I can tell you a bit more.

On a mine trip in Shropshire last weekend, the leader reported that he had previously seen Figure of 8 Moths in a particular level, when I showed him a picture, he agreed that was what he had seen.
Whilst I would normally expect to see Tissue and Herald moths underground, I don't recall seeing Figure of 8's.

& fig 8s fly from late September to mid November, so depends when he saw them...

Regularly see peacock butterflies underground in very dry weather.

Not sure which type - but there were plenty of moths in Poachers and Ogof Nadolig (NWales). Made for a pretty grim entrance..

We (Bangor) also saw a frog at the exit to Nadolig, which had obviously fallen 6 or so meters down the exit manhole! We guided it to safety but it immediately began to hop back to the drop. Probably had some kind of suicide pact?


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