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Re: Arbroath Cliffs Caves
« Reply #25 on: February 21, 2021, 01:43:58 pm »
Looking for a photo of the Gulliemot Cave beside Lud Castle ? Can anyone help - Thanks.

Would that be the one in this blog post:

No, that's Brandy Cave, which has a double entrance (still the local name and there are plenty of postcards floating around with this name on it).  There's actually no Guillemot Cave as this is a term that was described back in 1904 for the northern entrance to Brandy Cave (after presuming they were separate, probably).  There's a smaller cave on the Lud Castle promontory that was called Puffin Cave in the 1904 guide, and is still called that by some local kayakers.  However, this Puffin Cave is called Guillemot Cave in the GSG database (using an NGR from the Oldham bibliography), but it looks like that was inaccurate and needs revision.  All very confusing.


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