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A big day for CRoW

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Today's the day we hope to see some real movement on the CRoW debate - one way or the other. 

David Rose backed by the BCA (and your money) is in virtual court today for a preliminary hearing of the Judicial Review against the Welsh Government on CRoW.  Today the judge will decide whether to allow the case to proceed to a full hearing overturning the previous decision that the Welsh Government was not judicable (or whatever the legal word is).  Our solicitor and barrister have put forward a very strong and enlightening case.  The big guns of NRW and Defra have attached themselves to the case so let's hope it is enough to get our full day in court and the CRoW issue finally sorted. 

Good luck Dave and team

Good luck David!

Ian Ball:
go well Mr Rose,

at the AGM David suggested we could join the public gallery so to speak?  Anyone know how to do that?

There has been links and codes sent to the Crow group and BCA exec by the legal team.  I'm not sure this is intended for wider public viewing so I wouldn't like to pass it on.  You were also advised to complete some tests yesterday to gain access today.  As long as the links work for me I'd be happy to offer a summary later on.

That is brilliant. Fingers crossed we can proceed to the next step.



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