Wrist watches for caving

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I've usually chosen a budget Casio watch for caving.  Both work and caving end up getting the thing scratched so never thought it worth spending much money on.  Been having a bit of trouble finding the right kind of watch on the internet.  Recently bought what was described as a retro casio for about £20.  When it turned up it looked really tiny on my wrist, much smaller than the casio's of old.  Perhaps it was more kids or ladies size.  Wondered what other cavers use

Anyone got any advice on simple, waterproof watches suitable for caving and building type work?

I have a pink Baby G (the 'girls' one) after I flattened the battery on one of the classic Casio's (I think a button probably got stuck). I use the last-but-one hole in the watch strap though, so not one for larger wrists! (unsurprisingly)

Something like this:
but I got it second-hand on eBay.

It's not as low-profile as some, but it is pretty bomb-proof. Plus it's pink :)

Casio yes, G-Shock best.

Hving said this I left a £25 Sekonda in a garment pocket that went through the washing machine, no issues.

Paul Marvin:
There is a clock on my camera which I have with us most of the time . The watch that is Sue  ( my wife ) proof hasn't been invented yet . :(

something like this?


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