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Post your event on the main UKC Calendar


The Calendar is now open for anyone to post their (caving related) event on.

Go to the home page, click on 'Calendar' on the main menu bar - click on 'post event'.

UKC are trusting forum members to use the 'Calendar' responsibly - if however it's abused then we'll amend settings to only Administrators/ Moderators being able to post events, which would be a shame - play nice please folks....

Cap'n Chris:
Last minute club training events can be posted up: stories/reports can then be filed for the competition due to end this month. Yn gyflym, yn gyflym.

At Hidden Earth I asked rhychydwr1 if he would keep the calendar of events updated.

You may have noticed he has certainly taken the task on with great enthusiasm - thank you!!  :thumbsup:

So folks - keep an eye on the calendar as it will now be up to date will all kind of interesting caving events! 

....and do help to keep it updated with your events - be it a symposium or a club dinner.....


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