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Réseau de la Dent de Crolles

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Anybody wishing to play in the Réseau de la Dent de Crolles in the next couple of years should be aware that the Col du Coq road has collapsed on the St. Pierre de Chartreuse side, and will be closed for the foreseeable future. This can complicates the logistics.

Repair work on the col du Coq road is now scheduled to start in the Spring of 2019, but as yet there is no date for expected completion. See here for further details.

The latest news is that the funds have been raised for repairing the road, but work is unlikely to start until June. There is as yet no estimated completion date, but access to the col du Coq from St. Pierre de Chartreuse is likely to be possible later in the summer. See here for the latest official information.

The Mayor has now indicated that the repairs will be completed this year, but a more specific date is not yet available. See here for the latest information.

David Rose:
It's amazing how long this has taken. Sounds like the Col du Coqup.


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