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We're On The Telly 13th September

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Pete K:
One of the team's core roles is supporting the Police in missing person searches where caves and mines are present. This happens more often than most people are aware.

I know that, but it wasn't even mentioned, the nearest she got was a report of a robbery on two hikers at the end!

Each episode showcases the work of a particular part of the 'blue light' services or support networks.

We were approached a while ago and following our pre record the producers were keen for us to host it at our base as an alternative to Derby

Jenny P:
Makes sense now - I did wonder why Cave Rescue on a crime programme.

Thanks to Pete for kitting out the presenter with that smart blue over-suit - if that's the standard of the gear in your store it's very posh!  Presumably you also had to kit out the production/camera team too?

Whatever; a really good bit of positive publicity for Cave Rescue services generally - just a pity they didn't mention how often the various CRO's are called out to help in a search.  DCRO are favourites for this one because of the number of abandoned mine shafts in the Peak District.  (I seem to remember that DCRO were called out once to search for a gun thought to have been discarded down a mine shaft after a murder.)  The two Yorkshire teams get search calls for lost hikers as well if there is a big search on, not just the Mountain Rescue teams.

The two Yorkshire teams are also the main mountain rescue for their area anyway.


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