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Caving trip 15th - 18th March

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Myself and Sas are spending a few day in the Forest of Dean the week after next.  We fancy a caving trip one day if possible.  Anyone on here who knows the caves / can gain keys etc. fancy a trip with us?  We're around Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th - doesn't matter which day.  Nothing to taxing - something along the lines of a 2 to 3 hour GB / Swildon's / Craig a Ffynnon type trip (assuming such a trip exists?). 

Don't think otter hole is a viable option at moment, so miss Grace's lane may be best bet...

mikem is right Otter Hole is usually only open for trips between May and September.

Miss Graces lane would be fine under any conditions - it is really dry and there is a survey and description available online I think. Bear in mind the entrance shaft is about 30m deep and while it does have fixed ladders you should have a lifeline and harnesses (the ladder changes walls part way down the entrance)

Slaughter Stream (Wet Sink) would be another option except in very very wet conditions. It's 15Km long so has plenty of options. The entrance has about 30m of fixed ladders followed by  8m and 15m pitches where ladders and life lines or SRT are needed.

There are many many Km's of old Iron mines too which are dry but you'll need someone to guide you in these.

Greg Jones:
The gate at Slaughter Stream Cave is buried under flood debris at the moment, so you would need to dig it out to gain access. This might take a considerable amount of time.
If you've not been to Miss Graces' Lane then you would enjoy a trip in there. Contact Jan Karvik for a key.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Sounds like Miss Graces' Lane it is then.  Not caved in the forest at all so anything would be new for us.  Looks a bit complex from the survey / text.  Is it pretty obvious where the 'main route' lies or are we likely to spend a couple hours getting lost and covering very little distance?
Have you got an email address / phone number for Jan (probably best PM me that).


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