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A few weeks ago I took a somewhat famous professional climber caving, Robbie Phillips. I took him down Notts 2 to film it, so he can compare caving to climbing. He wanting somewhere gruelling but as it was his first trip, I picked something easy which could be made harder. So we did the usual upstream and downstream stuff and inlet 8 (I think). Once I was happy he was okay in the unfamiliar environment, I took him through the Lost Johns connection dig, to get the gruelling in!

We used a variety of technologies for filming, I think we had 4 filming devices altogether, including my phone, I don't know makes and models of his kit.
1 x Very expensive heavy camera, mainly used for filming the bigger stuff.
1 x Small camera for filming the tighter stuff (He forgot to check it was waterproof, so was dead by the time we came to use it!)
1 x HD hero, chest mounted until the chest mounting broke.
1 x Galaxy 9 phone (mine), basically most of the footage from the connection choke onwards.

What do you guys think of his vid? He may have overegged the claustrophobia bit, but at least he included all the nice formations etc.

Looking good! The big question now is, have you converted him?

Ian Ball:
loved it loved it loved it


--- Quote ---Looking good! The big question now is, have you converted him?
--- End quote ---

He did enjoy it and said he would go again, though prob not until next year.

--- Quote ---loved it loved it loved it
--- End quote ---

Cool  8)

So what happened to the harness he was wearing as he went in, and which he definitely wasn't wearing when he came out?


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