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This topic only for updates on current alerts. Keep all discussion regarding any particular alert to seperate topics please.

P8 high level route from 'First Pitch' to 'Alternative Second Pitch' (also known as 'Old Iron Ladder Pitch'.)

There's a traverse that can be rigged on Spits and Natural connecting P8's First Pitch with the Alternative Second pitch. Was in there yesterday and the two Spits that protect the step across the passage are knackered. Bolts will screw into them but as you expect them to go tight they loosen off and just keep spinning. Shame cos they were handy for novices.


Mods - this can be removed once someone's next been down - short-term relevance only!

Coming out of JH late last night, de-rigging Bitch Pitch, the rope snagged and there followed a fairly significant series of rumbles and bangs. I think I may have dislodged one of the sets of stacked deads; so please keep an eye out for any extra bits of loose rock.

If you go down and find it's all fine and dandy, please post here so's people know it's not been made worse.

Was in JH at the weekend (24th Feb) and all was fine and dandy on Bitch Pitch and everywhere else. 

Les W:
Thought I heard an account of loose rocks being kicked down onto people on Bitch Pitch during your trip.  :-\


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