What are your top 3?

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I'm sure you guys are suffering cabin fever like me and dreaming of getting out doing things. Seen speculation in news in particular Wales about restarting tourism possibly after Easter but if that can happen and if travel into Wales is permitted no idea. That said... I'm not trying to start some Corona-Moaner thread about wrongs of the situation, or speculate when lockdown will end. It's all cost some people bitterly hard,  so I'm respectfully leaving further virus discussion outside this thread.

So.. my current daydreams based on no particular logic are to:

1) Go back to Rhosydd and have a nice walk about explore. Not rushing past on CRTT tick-it-off mentality, but having a nice walk about and try to find new bits, maybe more than a walk ;) who knows?

2) Maybe make a particular through trip. There are access frictions and a concern over heavy metals so I'm not sure if I should do it? Undecided. If I do it, it'll be treading softly (metaphorically and literally) and I'm deliberately not naming it here.

3) Croesor shaft, Model Fferna, or.. Parc (the last one is a big list in itself, not sure if it fits in this list?)

So, what are the top 3 trips to do - whenever - floating about in your heads?

GG winch meet
GG winch meet
GG winch meet

We've all missed these so badly!

Although this is the mining forum!

We've still got more to find in pearl mine & stock hill mine cave on Mendip...

I have got caving in speedwell peak cavern with Chris hoping to find a guide for us either way this is in top 3

Catherine and Jane copper mine cannot wait to get in that dirty drainage level !

And number 3 I am not sharing but a possible through trip we are going to try !! Which hopefully will be a first but wait and see  :thumbsup:

I've got a few unfinished projects in the Weardale and Nenthead, since moving back south 10 years ago. One day I'll get back up for the week and have a proper session!

One is an open lead in a thoroughly unpleasant mine that I dug into years ago. The entrance isn't at all obvious, and it's flat out in water and mud for a long way, so I'd be surprised if anyone else has found it, or pushed it in the meantime.

One is down a ventilation shaft that I opened up. At the time,  the air got very stale, so I had to leave a wide open stope descending into the depths. I'd always planned to give it a year to freshen up, but never got back. It needs bolting, but the rock is decent, so should be ok. I've not heard of anyone getting back in since, though I am slightly out of touch these days.

The 3rd is a flooded level in the back of Nent. The passage before it is collapsed, but we found a route through the flats and back to a rather dodgy shaft back down some distancefurtheralong. The water was only a foot above the arching at this point, so should be a short dive back to an air surface.

One day...


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