Author Topic: Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales - Volume 2  (Read 156 times)

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Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales - Volume 2
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:38:01 pm »
Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales - Volume 2

BCRA is pleased to announce that Volume Two of this book will be launched on 4 October 2017, price £30, and will be available to order online from that date, for £30 including UK postage. Information is at but please note that the book will not be listed on our order form until the launch date.

Pre-launch sales will be available at Hidden Earth (30 Sept and 1 Oct) at £24, and there will also be a special offer at Hidden Earth, not available online, of Volumes One and Two, for £40. For information about Hidden Earth please see

Volume One of this two-volume set was published in 2013 and covered the geomorphology, speleology and science relevant to the Yorkshire Dales. Volume Two contains chapters that describe the major caves and gives a regional overview for each of 17 areas within and around the Yorkshire Dales karst. The book is aimed at anyone with a serious interest in the Dales, and that will include everyone from the academic geographers to the dedicated cave explorers.

During the period from 2014-2017, when Volume 2 was being compiled, chapters were placed online as they were completed. these files have now mostly been taken down in preparation for publication of the printed book. It is intended that all the chapters of Volume 1 and Volume 2 will be made available online before stocks of the printed books run out. The online chapters of Volume 2 will be revised and updated when significant new explorations make that appropriate. Meanwhile, three items remain online at . The Outline file is a free download that lists the contents in detail and also includes the index. Chapter 24 is presented as a sample of the chapters in Volume 2, and is a free download for members of BCRA. Chapter 25 is made available as a free download for everyone and as a contribution towards understanding of the karst geomorphology of the Malham area, which attracts wider interest from non-cavers.

The editors would like to thank all the authors and photographers for their contributions to this project over the past five and more years.
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