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Got a few 'quick quotes' and recieved a phone call from one company who said caving was not a problem. A few days later I received a phone call then went along the lines of 'we have noticed caving on your application, what does that mean', then today I had a call asking if I use ropes, followed by another asking if I go in water and how deep is it. Then a third call to ask if I was submerged how far would I swim.

No Idea if I am insured or not! Suppose I'll get another phone call

Anyone else had Issues with insurance? Or who would you recommend?

Yes I went through this rigmarole when we moved house and mortgage company. I forget who we ended up with but I'm insured because I never do more than 20 trips per year which of course is absolutely true. :ang:

One company refused to insure me because caving is a dangerous sport, I quoted figures from cave rescue which I read in a book a few years ago [1]. Nope didn't change their mind. I then asked if they were bothered that my daily commute was 50 miles each way on a motorbike, no they weren't bothered.

So you can be overweight, you can smoke (I don't but it would only put up the premium) and you can ride a sports motorbike and you'll get insurance. But heaven help you if you go caving.

[1] For your average weekend caver 140 years before cave rescue get called out and 1000 years before involvement in a serious or fatal accident. Taken from a book about caving which I read in the 1990s.

Can I suggest that you speak/get a quote from Dave Hallam at Sports Financial Services for comparison. Dave is/was a keen caver and member of CRO etc. It is his company I think.

This is the same as Summit Financial Services endorsed by the BMC.

At one time he was certainly talking about no loading for caving especially if you were a member of a cave rescue team etc.

Sports Financial Services is endorsed by BCA as well as the BMC.


From Sept 2011


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