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Last Saturday two cavers directly approached staff at Peak Cavern and asked to be let in. Fortunately the member of staff was a TSG member who contacted me by phone, and we managed to sort things out. But instances like this can adversely affect future access to the cave, so we all need to stick to the rules of the access agreement.

We are very lucky to have such good access to Peak Cavern with very few restrictions, but it is apparent that not all cavers are aware that there are procedures to be followed so that we do not disrupt the staff at the cave. They have a business to run after all.

If you want access to the cave, you must sort out a key holder in advance of your trip. Please try to give plenty of notice for this as this is a voluntary service by cavers for cavers, and key holders need to fit this work in with their other interests.

Full details of the current access arrangements can be found at http://www.peakspeedwell.info/index.php/access-information/peak-cavern-access

Why does the linked website say "Real Estate" at the top and who do we actually contact?


--- Quote from: 2xw on September 14, 2016, 02:49:44 pm ---Why does the linked website say "Real Estate" at the top and who do we actually contact?

--- End quote ---
I get a message saying the page has been hacked...


The peakspeedwell.info web site has been attacked with malware distributing software.  Google flagged the problem on Monday morning.

The software the site was running was out of date and liable to be hacked again, so with the agreement of Wayne Sheldon, I have put in place the replacement content which Wayne had been setting up.  As has been observed the replacement has not yet been completed, the RealEstate logo was a placeholder logo for the theme that is used on the site.  I have replaced this with a more relevant photograph as a temporary measure to avoid further distress! The replacement content has had a fresh software installation to ensure there is no damage from the previous attacks.

The booking calendar will be repopulated as soon as possible.  We are aware that there are lots of cosmetic problems, these will be fixed over the coming weeks.

I have arranged for a new scan by Google to check for any remaining problems, and if clear the warning messages that appear if you are using the Chrome browser will be removed.


I still get the "OMG!" page, with the cache cleared.


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