New Petzl Stop

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Not released yet I assume since I can't see anything on the Petzl site (although I've not looked thoroughly) but I saw these photos on Facebook, apparently from a Chinese trade fair.

I don't use a Stop, but I thought people might be interested!

Wow, that looks like quite a significant change - are they going down the Rig-style pull handle route? It looks like it's added to the bulk a bit.

Pete K:
You just beat me to posting this. Looking forward to seeing the user instructions and getting my hands on one to play with. if interested. Not that I have anything more to go on than the photos in the OP.

Cap'n Chris:
Instant non-fan.


--- Quote from: Cap'n Chris on January 19, 2019, 06:50:20 pm ---Instant non-fan.

--- End quote ---

Any particular reason?


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