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I received this today:

--- Quote from: Sarah Linders ---
Dear fellow caver,

Do you know of any COMPLETED or ONGOING cave cleaning project in Europe? Or even in the world?
Help us gather this information and fill out the short google form using the following link!

Motivated and inspired by the Italian cleanup the dark initiative Puliamo il Buio, several European speleological organizations are interested to join forces. This could become a European network for cave cleaning and protection. In a first phase we want to collect information on the past de-pollution activities in caves in European countries. And for that, we need your knowledge and help!
Please share this form with every person that could give us more information on cave cleanup projects, in the past, currently, in Europe or even in the world.

Thank you in advance!
Let’s Clean Up the Dark.
Ferdinando Didonna, Francesco Maurano, Bärbel Vogel and Sarah Linders

--- End quote ---


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