What do you wear to stay warm underground?

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This weekend we went caving on a large group trip which wasn’t moving the fastest. It was wet, muddy, crawly, SRT and generally all very fun. One of the group wore the following:

Long sleeve base layer
Lycra leggings (all we had with us)
Polartec vest (same material as an AV furry)
AV thick furry

And they were still really cold throughout most of the trip.

What items of clothing do you swear by to stay warm underground especially on trips which are moving slowly so you can’t warm up easily.

Were they wearing too many layers and was that preventing them getting warm?

Others in the group had neofleeces on but we didn’t have them with us.


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Split into smaller groups so you can keep moving...

Ian Ball:
I find a mug of tea and a flapjack warms me up.

I’m guessing this is Maxine, Toby here.
To be honest I was still quite chilly in my neofleece. Emma on the other hand was boiling in her wetsuit.
I’ve found previously if I wear a long sleeve baselayer I get cold especially if it gets wet, as it interferes with the fleece wicking away moisture and trapping warm air in the fibres next to the skin. I might be wrong but I’ve heard with AV furrys you’re best wearing them right next to the skin and nothing else, never tried it myself.
You can get neoprene cuffs which keep wrists warm, which also help to warm your hands.
You could go old school and start caving in a wetsuit all the time.
Other strategies I use when you can’t move much to generate a bit of heat, fist/toe clenches, legging swinging, running on the spot etc
As already suggested carry a hot drink such as a small flask would be a dream!

Fat. It’s fully organic too.


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