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Journeys Beneath the Earth

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Now available from Amazon printed or e-book

David Rose:
I'm finding the pricing of this a little odd. I've just bought the Kindle e-edition on amazon.oc.uk for £8.50. It's free if you have Kindle Unlimited.


Yet the paperback is a whopping £32.75, which seems very expensive.


I'm looking forward to reading it, anyhow.


--- Quote from: David Rose on February 28, 2020, 08:53:04 am ---I'm finding the pricing of this a little odd.

--- End quote ---

I guess the cost of producing an e-book is much the same per copy regardless of quantity.

Obviously the price of producing a printed copy comes down per unit as quantity goes up. How many Journeys Beneath the Earth were printed I wonder - 1,000? How many would need to be sold to cover the cost?

If 10's of thousand copies printed perhaps the price is is a little high, but I suspect a much smaller print run. So I would imagine not overly priced.   


T pot 2:
Purchased, read and digested.
A great easy read even for a none caver, I would recommend it to all.
An auto biography to a degree (the author has years for second book) which promotes the sport of caving.
T pot

Fuck Amazon, drop a copy in next time you are passing, you can have pound notes


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