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Lovely warm gloves in Montague East


Yesterday I found a pair of orange gloves near Montague East passage. They look brand new and we're placed neatly by the trail as if someone had just removed them to take a picture.
I had forgotten mine so I slipped them on to find they were lined with what can only assume was real mink fur which was bloody lovely. I took them out and left them on the coat hooks at the back of BPF.
They're branded 'Red; waterproof; size 10'.
I hope the owner finds them and thank you for keeping my soft weedy hands comfy!

I would check if they are Sam T's as wearing them is proven to reduce their lifespan, so they may have been carefully stored there to last longer.
Worth checking with him and I hope they did not get any unnecessary wear, because not only will skin grow back, but your hands would have warmed up anyway!


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