Criminalisation of Trespass

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Most people will be aware of this already, but better late than never:

The last thing we want is anything that could prohibit or discourage responsible enjoyment of the countryside. Therefore, the CNCC, and presumably other regional councils and the BCA will be keeping a close eye on this over the coming months. It's certainly worth all cavers staying informed.

I know the following link has been on here before, but no harm in posting it again..

Mr Mike:
At face value, it doesn't seem to target recreational side of things:

"Such measures would not affect ramblers, the right to roam or rights of way. Instead, measures could be applied in specific circumstances relating to trespass with intent to reside. The current Home Office consultation sets out a number of options for consideration, including trespass legislation such as that which has existed in the Republic of Ireland since 2002. This legislation provides for an offence where the trespasser is likely to ‘substantially damage’ the land or interfere with it; the police may direct trespassers to leave and failure to comply with that direction is an offence. Trespass is also a criminal offence in Scotland. The Trespass (Scotland) Act specifically excludes the exercise of recreational/roaming access rights. "

I wouldn't take anything his government says at face value. What they say and what they do are not correlated.

That also contains vague enough wording to be manipulatable.
"They need to leave their presence will interfere with nesting grouse" etc

Bob Mehew:

--- Quote from: Mr Mike on July 22, 2020, 03:03:22 pm ---At face value, it doesn't seem to target recreational side of things:

--- End quote ---
I think that came from a consultation which pre dated the last election.  However, the Conservative Party’s manifesto stated “We will make intentional trespass a criminal offence”, see page 19 top right at .


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