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Will A. I. Make The Perfect Photograph ?

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The Old Ruminator:
Whilst cameras ( or dare I say 'phones ) become more intuitive we are now starting to see a revolution in photo editing. Artificial Intelligence editing software is now appearing. It " enhances " your image in a way that the program thinks it should be. Neural networks upscale the resolution of the image by four times sharpening the image and fixing problems with colour and tone. A smart enhance tool removes blur and blemishes restoring natural skin and hair texture. Another AI program ( ) uses AI to identify the subject of a photo and remove everything else to place it into another context.  ( forthcoming an image of me in any cave you would like to mention ). Whilst that notion is not new it offers many scenarios for fake news as well as caving. Currently,  " " is offering AI editing at around £7 per month which compares well with Photoshop. So we have a convergence that might change photography forever. Intuitive cameras with multiple program selection and Artificial Intelligence editing. Oh, feeling lonely try                " Cleverbot " or " ". Chat away with an animated female avatar. You don't even have to buy her a drink.
Abbreviated from " Webuser " Issue 507.

I edit using Pixelmator Photo on my iPad, and their 'ML' editing, tends to get pretty close to how I would have edited it anyway.

The photo editing process is definitely getting 'smarter' but editing a photo, just like taking one, is a personal process, and what works for one doesn't work for another. It's definitely approaching the point where it can look at your other photo edits you've done and pick up your style from that though, which is cool.

No-one forces anyone to edit.

The Old Ruminator:

--- Quote from: Laurie on August 07, 2020, 01:53:40 pm ---No-one forces anyone to edit.

--- End quote ---

Most of my stuff has minor edits now. My sort of photography justifies that as mostly I do unposed stuff on the move. Best edit for me is the haze filter. If only we had that years ago. Anything copied from older slides will have to be edited as the colour goes. The trouble with today's editing is the overcooking of the image. Lots of caving images are overcooked and to be honest, I don't like that trend. I see photographers messing about for ages on their laptops editing stuff. That sort of cave photography is almost the norm now. The odd has become formulaic. Of course its all down to taste. For a  selection of images look here -


--- Quote from: Laurie on August 07, 2020, 01:53:40 pm ---No-one forces anyone to edit.

--- End quote ---

If your going to shoot in raw, which for cave photography is a must to get more dynamic range you have to.

I think imporvemnts algorythms, im hesitant to call this AI as thats just a buzz word throw around these days, will allow for better images. Things like de-hase, noise reduction and content aware fill get better all the time but a human still has to do the editing. These sites that "do it for you" are just applying their filters to your images with numbers a human gave it because they found thoes numbers give a decent output for most images.

Cave images are not like most images however we have a lot more whites and blacks in the images and frequently under or over expose, i think any alorythims tuned for surface general photograhy will not apply very well to underground photography and anyone who knows how to use software like lightroom or photoshop properly will get better results.

Lastly there is allways a limit to what you can do in post, getting it right in camera and knowing how to use your camera properly and having good glass will get you much better results than spending money on software.


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