Win a copy of Northern Caves!!


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you muppets, NOT what I meant when I said it's a big trip, bring plenty of chocolate!!!  :chair:
"I'm not sure about that Northern Caves book. That was nothing like it looks in the picture! I was expecting a nice streamway and a pretty waterfall to keep our kit looking shiny and new."

"I thought you said it was right next to the road. How the hell are you expecting us to get back up that B****d hill now?"

Mate, did you take us to the wrong cave?"

Some stains contain strong natural dyes that are almost impossible to shift. Dab with a strong solution of detergent before laundering. Soak stubborn stains in a solution of hydrogen peroxide bleach.

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Research shows that one out of seven dwarfs is Grumpy.

(The other two are down at the pub, I think.)

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Stuck in a tight spot? New cave mud will have you free in no time! Simply apply to the caver in peril and watch them slide free in mere seconds! Availible from all good sporting caves. Colours may vary.


Breaking News!: Making the worlds largest chocolate cake is harder than expected! Cavers recruited to rescue the would be bakers from the batter!